Need some great photography for your website, flyer or brochure? Make sure it shows off the best you have to sell with a photoshoot by eMarie Design. We shoot from the hip. Litterally. They say that photographs at that angle offer a more compelling and inviting image. Your picture should tell a story. While you capture the essence of the room as a whole, we also zoom in and focus on the smaller details, the vignettes created on coffee tables, bedside tables, and in sitting areas. They all tell a story, and your buyers will want to go to that place after looking at your listings.


Photoshop color correction and enhancements can turn a good picture into a great one. Sometimes things show up in photos that make it not quite right and need to be removed. We can do that. Or the color cast is slightly off. Maybe the whites got a little hot, we can tone those down. Even perspective can be changed to make the walls parallel rather than flaring outward like you often see in home photos. eMarie Design will be able to assist you in no time and it's much easier than setting up another photoshoot. And much better than going with a poor picture.


Interior / Exterior Photography

Unlimited photos, Up to 1 hour on location, 2 day Turnaround






Video Slideshow (from stills)


Photoshop Retouching

And Color Correction


We will be happy to give you an accurate estimate after reviewing the images and identifying what work is required in color correction, filters, glare removal, mood setting, etc.