I’ve learned that “collaborative color” makes all the difference in the world when working with clients. Instinctively, each client understands how influential color is to their well-being, but they don’t understand how to select it for themselves. Yes, my eye tells me which options work in a given room, but not which colors will excite the homeowners to live with. A good color not only relates to everything in the room and pulls it all together, but also makes a client feel good.


During my consultations, I ask a variety of questions about the colors each client likes and dislikes, while taking into consideration the fixed elements, lighting, and the use of
the room.


Due to the custom nature of our services,
we will meet with you and discuss your
needs and budget and then follow up with
an estimate.

Color is visceral. It can trigger positive and negative emotions, affect energy level, and create a sense of order or disorder. That's why a Color Consultation is one of the most important things we can do to make your home a calming and inviting space. We work with color to set a personal tone for your interiors. Whether formal or informal, masculine or feminine, or cool or warm, the colors in your home should reflect who you are. Our goal is to successfully use the effects of color as a design tool itself.